Sunday, January 16, 2022

FWC Law Enforcement Collier

Officer Kleis was on water patrol a few miles off of Marco Island when he observed a vessel without registration numbers containing multiple fishing rods. Officer Kleis stopped the vessel to address the registration issue, and conducted a vessel safety and resource inspection. Upon stopping the vessel, Officer Kleis learned that the operator was using a dealer registration number on the boat for his own personal use. The operator was cited for misuse of a dealer registration and issued multiple warnings for other violations.


Officer Kleis was on water patrol in the area of Keewaydin when he stopped a vessel to conduct a vessel safety inspection.  Upon making contact with the operator, he detected multiple possible indicators of impairment including the odor of an alcoholic substance and lack of balance from the operator. The operator admitted to drinking and consented to perform seated field sobriety tasks. Once the tasks were complete, Officer Kleis determined that the operator was impaired and placed him under arrest for BUI. Officer Kleis transported the subject to the Collier County Jail where he consented to a breath alcohol test. The subject provided two breath alcohol samples of 0.138 and 0.140.  The subject was booked into jail and charged with operating a vessel with a breath alcohol content of 0.08 or greater. Officer Kleis also issued citations and warnings for multiple safety equipment violations.


While on state water patrol, Officer Osorio-Borja encountered a vessel with two subjects who were fishing.  The Officer asked the subjects how their fishing was going and the subjects indicated that they had caught snowy grouper.  The Officer proceeded to conduct a fisheries inspection on the fish and determined that they were red grouper, not snowy grouper.  One of the subjects admitted to catching the fish and received a resource citation for having two undersized red grouper (9 and 13 inches).  Officer Osorio-Borja was able to educate the subjects on identifying the difference between the two species.


While on patrol on Marco Island, Officer Reith observed several individuals fishing from a dock at a condominium complex.  From a concealed location, Officer Reith observed one of the individuals catch an undersized snook and lay it on the dock.  After approximately 10 minutes, the individual then grabbed a larger rod and reel and hooked the snook through the back as if to use it for bait.  Officer Reith then identified himself to the individuals and asked the one who kept the snook what he was using for bait on the shark rod, and he replied, “A lady fish.”  A closer inspection revealed that the individual had been using a 20-inch snook as bait.  The subject was cited accordingly.


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