Wednesday, October 27, 2021


Officers Araujo and Thurkettle were on patrol in the Picayune Strand State Forest when they were notified by hunters and Forest Service staff of two subjects hunting from the back of a truck.  The officers located the vehicle leaving the forest.  The truck was occupied by two male subjects fitting the description provided by a witness, and when the officers approached the truck, they observed three long guns on top of a bloody blanket in the back seat of the truck.  When questioned, the subjects admitted to shooting two whitetail deer, which were located under the blood stained blanket in the back seat of the truck.  The two deer, one an 8-point and the other a spike, both in velvet, were seized along with the three long guns and four knives.  Both subjects were arrested and transported to the Collier County Jail.  Four misdemeanors and six citations were issued, and further charges are pending.

While on state water patrol, Officer White received information from off-duty Officers Araujo and Kleis regarding a boat being operated on plane in a manatee zone.  Officer White found and stopped the vessel.  The operator of the vessel showed signs of impairment.  Officer White started to perform field sobriety tasks and uncovered sufficient clues to indicate impairment; however, the operator refused to continue with the tasks.  The operator was subsequently arrested for BUI.  When being placed in the patrol vehicle, the suspect claimed that he was having an irregular heartbeat.  The suspect was transported to the hospital by Emergency Medical Services, but refused all treatments and diagnostic procedures.  The doctor released the suspect to Officer White and was transported to jail where he refused to give an alcohol breath sample.

Officer Kleis was on water patrol in the Ten Thousand Islands when he noticed a vessel occupied by two individuals pulling commercial blue crab traps.  The vessel did not have the required markings for a vessel commercially harvesting blue crabs.  After conducting a stop of the vessel to address the violation, it was discovered that one of the individuals did not have a Saltwater Products License (SPL).  The owner was cited for the improper marking, and the other individual was cited for commercially harvesting blue crabs without an SPL.



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