Wednesday, January 26, 2022

FWC Law Enforcement Collier County

While on patrol at a local marina, Lieutenant Shea noticed fishermen hanging what appeared to be several undersized Greater Amberjack on the nails above a filet table. He went over and inspected the fish and found six undersized Greater Amberjack. The captain of the boat that landed the fish was issued a citation for three Greater Amberjack under 30 inches and a warning for three undersized Greater Amberjack less than the new 34-inch fork length.

Officers Despian and Lugg were on water patrol in the Gulf of Mexico when they observed a vessel with three individuals fishing. The officers approached the vessel to conduct safety and resource inspections and found that all necessary safety equipment required to operate a vessel was on board. The officers then inspected the individuals’ catch. During the inspection, the captain of the vessel was found to be in possession of three undersized sheepshead and one undersized gray snapper. The fish were seized as evidence and the subject was cited accordingly.

Officers in Collier and Lee counties worked a joint detail for Panther Zone speed enforcement. This detail was put together by Officers Polly and Reams of Collier County, who reached out to Lee County Lieutenant Ruggiero for the joint effort. After the two-day detail was complete, 101 uniform traffic citations, 56 traffic warnings and 10 misdemeanor citations were issued as well as four people being arrested and booked into the Collier County Jail for possession of marijuana, obstruction and possession of alcohol by persons under 21. During the detail, individuals were cited for traveling at speeds over the posted 45 miles per hour at night. The highest speeds recorded during the detail were 103, 92, 83 and 81 mph.

During the Panther Zone speed enforcement detail, Lieutenant Sushil and Officer Kleis attempted to stop a vehicle traveling 81 miles per hour in the posted 45 mph zone. As the officers attempted to conduct the traffic stop, the vehicle continued to travel at a high rate of speed and the individuals inside the vehicle began to discard items out of the vehicle windows. While attempting to stop the vehicle, a beer can came out the driver’s side window and hit the patrol vehicle. The officers continued to try to get the vehicle to stop and when it eventually did, four individuals were removed from the vehicle after multiple beer cans and marijuana buds were spotted inside the vehicle. The four individuals were arrested for possession of marijuana, obstruction and possession of alcohol by persons under 21. They were also cited for littering, having an open container and the driver was given a mandatory court infraction for the speeding violation.

Officer White was selected as the 2015 Coastal Conservation Association, Naples Chapter, Officer of the Year. Officer White began his career in 2013 in Collier County, where he serves today. He continues to be a valuable part of our agency’s ability to enforce core mission resource protection, commercial fisheries enforcement and BUI while maintaining a high level of professionalism among his peers, stakeholders and visitors to the State of Florida. His vast knowledge of recreational and commercial fishing is second to none and his work ethic is a valuable asset in Collier County as well as throughout South Region Bravo.

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