Tuesday, October 19, 2021


Officers Polly and Reams were conducting traffic enforcement in a Panther Zone off of County Road 850.  Officer Reams observed a vehicle coming up from the rear of his patrol car at a high rate of speed.  Officer Reams proceeded to conduct a traffic stop on the vehicle for unlawful speed and when he asked the driver of the vehicle for his driver license, the driver was unable to provide one.  FWC’s Dispatch confirmed with the officers that the driver had never been issued a Florida driver license and had no other driver licenses on file.  The subject was arrested for driving with no valid driver license and was issued citations for unlawful speed and having an open container.

Officers Despian and Lugg were on water patrol near Goodland Bay when a 14-foot vessel with two individuals onboard passed by on-plane within the manatee speed zone.  While pulling up to conduct a vessel safety and resource inspection, the individuals had already begun taking their catch out of the live well and throwing it on the deck.  The officers identified the catch as mullet.  After inspecting the catch and the safety equipment, the officers determined that any and all saltwater product licenses for the vessel or either individual were not valid.  Both individuals were cited accordingly for the violations and 187 mullet were seized and sold.  The total weight of all fish caught was 292 pounds.

Officer Osorio-Borja was conducting fisheries inspections at the Chokoloskee Causeway Bridge when he made contact with four fishermen and observed one of them holding a cast net.  Officer Osorio-Borja asked the individual if he had caught any fish with the cast net and the individual answered no.  Officer Osorio-Borja then noticed a noise coming from adjacent vegetation and found a hidden red bucket containing several fish.  The individual admitted that the bucket and fish inside were his.  Officer Osorio-Borja found an out-of-season and undersized snook (16 inches) in the bucket.  The individual also stated that he caught the snook with his cast net.  The individual received three resource citations for the violations.

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