Saturday, November 27, 2021

FWC Law Enforcement Collier County

Officers Despian and Kleis were on water patrol near Keewaydin Island when they observed a United States Coast Guard (USCG) vessel conducting a vessel stop on a center console boat occupied by 3 subjects. The USCG flagged down the Officers for assistance. When they arrived on scene, USCG personnel told the Officers that the operator and both passengers of the vessel were impaired. The USCG had already completed seated field sobriety tasks with the operator and concluded that the operator was impaired. Officer Kleis noticed that the operator appeared to have trouble staying awake and asked the operator to come on board his patrol vessel. The operator stumbled as he came on board and Officer Kleis was able to detect the odor of an alcoholic substance emanating from the operator. Officer Kleis subsequently arrested the operator for Boating Under the Influence and Officer Despian transported the suspect to the Collier County Jail where he refused to take a breath alcohol test.

Officer Johnson was on land patrol in the Big Cypress National Preserve when she was dispatched to a missing hiker in the preserve. Officer Johnson started searching for the hiker’s truck and the entrance he used to enter the preserve. Officers Kleis and Lugg arrived on the scene and brought an ATV. The Officers were able to find the hiker’s truck located off of I-75. Officers Johnson and Lugg continued to search for the missing hiker in the preserve, while Officer Kleis searched the hiker’s truck to help find information about his whereabouts. As the Officers started on the trail into the preserve they called out the hiker’s name asking him to call out back. About a mile down the trail the hiker called out and was located about 30 yards off the trail in knee deep water. Officer Johnson walked in and assisted him to the trail. The missing hiker was relieved and happy to see rescue help.

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