Saturday, November 27, 2021


Officers Kleis and White were on water patrol when they stopped a vessel to perform a vessel safety inspection.  The Officers immediately noticed the smell of an alcoholic substance coming from the vessel.  A closer look showed multiple empty beer bottles and liquor bottles throughout the vessel.  During the inspection of the safety equipment, the operator showed multiple signs of impairment including loss of balance and slurred speech.  Officer White asked the operator if he had been drinking and the operator admitted to drinking several beers.  Officer Kleis conducted Seated Field Sobriety Tasks on the operator.  The operator was subsequently arrested and booked into the Collier County Jail for Boating Under the Influence.


Officer Kleis, along with members of the Collier County Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services, attended Kmart’s Annual National Safety Weekend hosted by the Golden Gate Kmart.  Officer Kleis brought an alligator to show the children in attendance and answered general questions about safety and the duties of an FWC Officer.  The event allowed the public see all of the different types of emergency vehicles and gain an understanding of how the different agencies work together.

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