Saturday, November 27, 2021


Officers Alexander and Kleis were on foot patrol in the area of Jolley Bridge on Marco Island conducting license and fisheries inspections among those fishing from shore.  They came across two individuals sharing a cooler that contained live fish.  Upon inspection, the Officers found 2 mangrove snapper and 1 mutton snapper, all of which were undersized.  The two individuals indicated that the snapper was theirs.  Both individuals received Notices to Appear for the fish that each person caught.  The snappers were returned to the water alive.

Officers Kleis and White were on State water patrol in Naples when they stopped a vessel for a boating safety inspection.  Once alongside the vessel they immediately detected the overwhelming odor of an alcoholic substance.  The operator was very confused and lethargic during the subsequent inspection.  Officer White led the subject through Field Sobriety Tasks.  The subject had trouble staying awake throughout the tasks and exhibited impairment.  The subject was arrested for boating under the influence, refused to provide a breath alcohol test sample and was taken to jail.


Officers Johnson and White were returning to their dock from nighttime state water patrol in Naples when the Officers observed four individuals behind a house for sale.  The individuals were smoking and fishing.  As the Officers passed the individuals, they detected an odor of smoked cannabis.  The Officers quietly drove to a location on the shoreline and traveled by foot to the individuals.  When the Officers made contact with the individuals, it was determined that they were trespassing.  No cannabis was found, but three undersized snook were discovered in a small cooler and the subjects were using an undersized mangrove snapper for bait.  The fish were seized as evidence, the subjects were warned for trespassing and appropriate resource citations were issued.


Officers Despian and Lugg were on vessel patrol near Caxambas Pass, Marco Island when they stopped a vessel to perform boating safety and fisheries inspections.  While performing the fisheries inspection, the Officers found the occupants of the vessel had seven fish over the bag limit for red grouper.  The Captain admitted that he was the one who retained the extra seven red grouper and he was cited accordingly.

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