Monday, November 29, 2021

FWC Law Enforcement Collier County



While driving through the Picayune Strand State Forest, Officer Arbogast observed a vehicle returning from a non-designated trail without proof of paying the day-use fee. During the vehicle stop, it was discovered that all three occupants were never issued a driver license, including the driver. Officer Kleis arrived on the scene to assist with the investigation. During the investigation, the driver was showing several obvious signs of impairment and Officer Arbogast decided to perform field sobriety tasks on the driver. It was apparent that the driver was impaired and was subsequently placed under arrest for DUI as well as driving without a valid driver license. The driver was transported to the Collier County Jail. Citations were issued for driving off designated trails and not paying the appropriate day-use fee.

While on patrol at night in the Picayune Strand State Forest, Officers Lugg and White observed a swamp buggy driving very slowly down the roadway. The buggy was not registered and was not allowed to be on the roadway. The officers stopped the buggy and observed many signs of impairment from the driver and open beer cans in the vehicle. When asked to perform field sobriety tasks, the driver claimed that he had a hip replacement which prevented him from doing the walk and turn as well as the one leg stand. Therefore, the officers administered seated field sobriety tasks. The driver was arrested for DUI and supplied a breath alcohol sample of 0.138.

While on night-time water patrol, Officers Lugg and White observed a vessel with improperly installed navigation lights. When they stopped the vessel to address the violation, they observed that the operator showed many signs of impairment. The operator consented to perform field sobriety tasks and performed poorly. He was arrested for BUI, but refused to provide a breath alcohol sample.


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