Friday, December 3, 2021




To improve communications between local stone crab fishermen and FWC, Lieutenant Mahoney arranged for a public question-and-answer session to address how we can continue to provide enforcement actions and address enforcement issues from the past season. They also discussed how the overall stone crab fishery is viewed by the fishermen. During the meeting, fourteen law enforcement personnel attended, including two of our local partners with the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, and six commercial stone crab fishermen. The fishermen commented on how impressed they were with the turnout from law enforcement, which demonstrates our willingness to be involved in furthering a working relationship and improving overall communication. One of the fishermen stated, “We should have had this meeting years ago and look forward to future involvement from law enforcement.”

Officer Arbogast was on water-related land patrol at the Bayview Boat Ramp when he observed a vessel occupied by two individuals tied to the dock in front of the fish-cleaning station. The two individuals placed two red grouper on the cleaning table. After further investigation, both red groupers were under the 20-inch size limit. Officer Arbogast had the individual bring out the measuring device he was using and the individual produced a foldable, paper measuring device. Using the individual’s device, each grouper was still clearly undersized. The individual was also unable to produce a valid saltwater fishing license. Officer Arbogast charged him for the two undersized red grouper and the expired saltwater fishing license.



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