Wednesday, October 20, 2021

FWC Law Enforcement – Collier



In response to Stan’s Mullet Fest 2017, Officer Lugg put together a boating safety and BUI detail in the areas of Goodland Bay and Coon Key. Officers Arbogast and Kleis, as well as Collier County Sheriff’s Officers Darren and Cornelius participated in the detail. A total of 12 vessels were stopped, six Uniform Boating Citations were issued and 13 warnings were given.

Officer Kleis and Investigator White were on water patrol on the Marco River where they stopped a vessel to complete a boating resource and safety inspection. During the inspection, they observed signs of impairment from the operator. The operator consented to complete field sobriety tasks where he exhibited sufficient behavior to indicate impairment and was subsequently arrested. Officer Johnson met the Officers on land and transported the subject to the Naples Jail Center, where he refused to provide a breath alcohol sample.

While working at night near Port of the Islands and overlooking an area managed by the South Florida Water Management District, Officers Arbogast and Kleis conducted surveillance from a concealed location. The officers observed multiple individuals trespassing on Water Management structures, as well as fishing with rod and reels. Also, one individual was throwing a cast net. After watching the subjects for approximately 30 minutes, it appeared that the group was about to leave. Officers made contact with the group to address the trespass violation and to conduct a resource inspection. The inspection revealed multiple buckets of legal fish and an undersized redfish that was hidden in the bed of a pickup truck. One individual claimed responsibility for the fish and was issued a notice to appear for possession of the undersized redfish and was cited for fishing without a license. The other members of the group were issued appropriate citations and warnings for trespassing on Water Management structures.

Officer Johnson responded to a Marine Emergency Response Team (MERT) call in response to a capsized vessel occupied by two adults and three children approximately seven miles west of Gordon’s Pass. Once on scene, Collier County Sheriff’s deputies, Marco Island Fire Department and Tow Boat US recovered the occupants from a Good Samaritan vessel and returned the vessel to a nearby boat ramp.

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