Thursday, October 28, 2021

FWC Law Enforcement Collier 



While performing dockside inspections at Marco River Marina, Officer Lugg observed a charter vessel returning to the dock. The captain began offloading fish onto a dockside cleaning table after his guests departed from his vessel. The officer approached the captain and performed a marine fisheries inspection. He found that the captain possessed two undersized spotted trout and an undersized pompano. The captain admitted to the violations and was cited accordingly.

Officers Arbogast, Kleis and Plussa were conducting a follow-up investigation to a derelict vessel case where they were attempting to locate the vessel owner over the course of several months. The officers were able to reach the vessel owner to review the items that were sent to him by mail. After reviewing the documents with the vessel owner, he was arrested for the charges related to the derelict vessel investigation. A subsequent search of the owner after his arrest revealed that he was in possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia. The owner of the vessel was transported to jail and cited for five misdemeanor charges including storing a derelict vessel on state waters, storing a titled vessel on state waters without a hull identification number, failure to change registration or address of a vessel, possession of cannabis, and possession of drug paraphernalia. He also received three citations regarding the registration and navigational lights display relating to the vessel.

Lieutenants Mahoney, Sushil, Officers Arbogast, Lugg, Miller, Osorio-Borja, Polly, Reams and Thurkettle assisted the Collier County Sheriff’s Office in a detail focused on vehicle and vessel thefts during the early morning hours. Both agencies proactively patrolled I-75 and US-41 for several nights and mornings in an effort to identify and locate stolen vehicles and vessels transiting through Collier County. Several stops were conducted throughout the detail; however, no stolen vehicles or vessels were present.

Officers Araujo and Osorio-Borja responded to a call in reference to a Marine Emergency Response Team (MERT) alert received by the United States Coast Guard (USCG), reporting that four adults and two dogs were stranded at a cabin on Little Marco Island. The reporting party advised that they were out of food, water and medications needed for one of the persons. The officers met with an EMS/FIRE vessel while in route to the area and followed them back to the dock for further investigation. The reporting party advised that they were dropped off on the island Friday night and expected to return on Sunday, but due to high winds and inclement weather, the group was unable to arrange for transport back to the dock. The group was thankful and appreciative of FWC’s response and attention in assisting them with their stressful situation.

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