Monday, November 29, 2021

FWC Law Enforcement Collier



Officers Errico, Kleis and White were on nighttime water patrol in the area of the Marco River and observed a vessel with fishing gear operating with improper navigational lights. The officers stopped the vessel to conduct a resource inspection and address the navigational light issue. When the officers activated their blue lights, the operator and passenger switched places. Upon approaching the vessel, the officers noticed multiple empty beer cans throughout the vessel and multiple signs of impairment from the original operator, including slurred speech and the odor of alcohol emanating from him. After completing a resource and safety inspection, the operator consented to perform field sobriety tasks. Upon completion of the tasks, the operator was determined to be impaired and was placed under arrest for BUI. The operator refused a breath alcohol test and was transported to the Collier County Jail.

While conducting inspections in Collier County for wholesale and retail licenses, Officers Miller and Thurkettle found a seafood dealer selling both freshwater and saltwater product. After inspecting their paperwork, it was found that the store did not have a retail license to sell saltwater product. Officer Thurkettle had previously issued a written warning for the same violation. The manager of the store was issued a citation for the violation.

Lieutenant Mahoney and Officer Barringer responded to a boating accident involving injuries. A local boater was on-plane and did not see a cable slung just three feet off of the water by contractors hired to perform work on a bridge. The boater made contact with the cable and got thrown out of the boat, ripping the pulling platform off of the boat. His vessel continued up the river and crashed into mangroves. Within a few moments of the accident, another boater saw the man in the water and came to his rescue and called for help.

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