Friday, December 3, 2021

FWC Law Enforcement Collier



Officer Johnson was on water patrol in the Marco River when she observed a vessel with multiple fishing rods in rod holders alongside the vessel. Officer Johnson conducted a resource check and asked the individuals if they had any fish on board. One of the individuals stated that they were traveling from the Keys and that they had some lobster on board. Officer Johnson asked if she could observe the catch and was given permission. The individual then opened a cooler and pulled out a zip-lock bag of six spiny lobster tails. The individual also claimed the tails. Officer Johnson explained that there was a violation with the lobster being in wrung condition and the individual was issued a resource citation for having possession of them.

Officer Osorio-Borja was patrolling in state waters adjacent to Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park when he observed a young female on a hydro bike trying to get back to the Pass. The officer approached the female and asked if she needed assistance. She indicated that she did because the steering mechanism had broken. The officer safely approached the hydro bike with his patrol vessel, helped the female on board his vessel, and towed the hydro bike back to Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park.

Officer Kleis received a complaint regarding multiple individuals violating the newly formed Second Chance Critical Wildlife Area (CWA). Officer Kleis responded to the location and observed multiple boats in the area, as well as people walking within the CWA. Officer Kleis issued warnings to the violators and educated them on the importance of CWAs.


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