Saturday, November 27, 2021

FWC Law Enforcement

Officer Lugg and Johnson were on land patrol when they were dispatched to a call reporting that a male was fishing from the beach and keeping undersized snook. When they arrived on scene they saw a male fitting the description of the fisherman described earlier. The officers concealed themselves and watched the male for approximately 20 minutes. After identifying the man’s personal belongings, which included a cooler, the officers approached the man and questioned him. Officer Johnson opened the man’s cooler and discovered two undersized snook. The subject was cited accordingly.

Lieutenant Mahoney and Officer Johnson were fueling their patrol vessel at the Hamilton Harbor Marina when they saw a vessel on plane in an idle speed zone in a very congested area. The officers signaled to the operator and got his attention. They then asked the operator to come alongside their vessel. As the operator approached he began to argue and demonstrate signs of impairment. Once alongside the officer’s vessel, Officer Johnson immediately noticed a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage. He also noticed that the captain was slurring his speech and had blood shot eyes. As a result, the subject was transferred to the officer’s vessel for further testing. The subject was subsequently arrested for boating under the influence and transported to the Collier County Jail.

Lieutenant Walsh and Officer Kleis conducted surveillance on 4 fisherman at Monument Point in Rookery National Estuarine Research Reserve.  Upon conducting a fisheries inspection, Officer Kleis found an undersized and out of season snook. A records check revealed that three of the individuals did not have a fishing license.  All four individuals denied catching the fish.  After conducting custodial interviews, one subject admitted to harvesting the snook.  The appropriate citations were issued and the snook was returned to the water alive.

Officer Alexander, while on vessel patrol in the North Keewaydin area near marker 36, was waved over by a disabled rental boat, which was on the edge of a sandbar with engine trouble.  It was occupied by a male, a pregnant female and a toddler.  They had no water onboard and no cell phone service.  Dispatch was advised of the situation and Officer Alexander coordinated with the boat Rental Company and Sea Tow for assistance.  He gave them water while awaiting commercial assistance.  The tide was outgoing and the vessel was immobile, due to the falling tide.  A Collier County Sheriff Office Marine Unit also arrived on scene, assisted and stood by for Sea Tow’s arrival.  The law enforcement vessels stayed with the disabled vessel for over an hour until Sea Tow arrived and freed it.



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