Tuesday, December 7, 2021

FWC Division of Law Enforcement reports for Collier County

Lieutenant Mahoney and Officers Tidwell and Lugg helped put smiles on over 125 kids’ faces by placing fishing poles in their hands, baiting hooks and answering many questions during the 2014 Kid’s Fishing Clinic located at the Naples Pier.  This fun and educational event made a difference in those young people’s lives as well as the recreational fishermen in attendance.

Officers Futch and Tolbert were conducting surveillance on subjects participating in the statewide alligator season at Lake Trafford.  The officers approached a vessel and observed an adult alligator, approximately 8 feet in length, in the vessel.  Upon further inspection, the officers discovered that the alligator was not tagged with a CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) tag.  The subject admitted that he failed to tag the alligator and was subsequently issued a citation for failing to tag the alligator immediately upon capture.

Officers Futch and Tolbert were conducting resource inspections within the Big Cypress National Preserve WMA.  The officers made contact with a hunter who stated that he had harvested a legal spike, a deer that has no tines on its antlers.  During the inspection, the officers discovered that the deer was actually an antlerless deer.  The deer was seized and the subject was issued a Notice to Appear for the illegal take of an antlerless deer.

Officers Futch and Tolbert were conducting surveillance at night on an area known for illegal fishing and trespass.  As subjects began to leave the area, the officers made contact with them and conducted a resource inspection.  During the inspection, the officers discovered that one of the subjects was in possession of an oversized snook.  The subject was issued a citation and the snook was seized as evidence.

National Park Service and FWC Officers worked together during a resource detail within the Big Cypress National Preserve WMA.  Officers Futch and Tolbert patrolled Skillet ORV (Off Road Vehicle) Trail, Skillet Secondary Trail and Monument Lake ORV Trail within the WMA, via a swamp buggy.  The officers completed several hunting camp inspections and made contact with numerous hunters during the opening week of the muzzleloader hunting season.


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