Wednesday, January 19, 2022

FWC-Collier County-Weekly Report

Patrol, Protect, Preserve

Lieutenant Shea and Officer Reith took twenty cadets and ten adults from the Naples High School Army JROTC program out into the Big Cypress National Preserve for a twenty-four hour survival hike.  The cadets hiked seven miles into the preserve along the Florida Trail and came across a Big Cypress fox squirrel, which is an imperiled species.  Along their route the cadets encountered a scenario where each of their three teams had to perform first aid on a teammate and carry them on an improvised stretcher one mile for a timed competition.  Once at their campsites, the cadets built improvised shelters for the night, took written tests on snake/reptile identification and first aid. They built improvised fishing gear, fires by primitive methods and completed a land navigation course, where at the end they found their dinner.  Lieutenant Shea provided live freshwater crayfish for their evening meal. The next morning the cadets hiked the seven miles out of the preserves.

Officers Lugg and Reams responded to a vessel taking on water in rough seas outside of Big Marco Pass.  Marco Island Fire and Rescue also responded to the scene.  The victims included two adult men, a 7 year old girl and their dog, who were recovered and safely taken to shore aboard the fire rescue vessel and were met by Officer Barringer.  Officers Lugg and Reams were able to secure the vessel prior to it completely sinking, returning it to the owner.  The Officers are investigating the boating accident.  If not for the preparedness of the boaters and quick response by first responders, this situation could have ended much differently.




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