Thursday, October 21, 2021

Fuller Funeral Home Honors Veterans with Eternal Flame Memorial

Fuller Funeral Home is a full-service funeral home specializing in cremation services. “Cremation services like burial services look different from one family to the next, but always provide a meaningful way to honor a life well lived.” When a death occurs, there are so many things to consider and decisions to make. Many families choose Fuller Funeral Home to help them create a meaningful service in keeping with their loved one’s beliefs, values, and wishes. Traditional services can be arranged prior to cremation with times of viewing or reception, followed by a service the next day at either our funeral home or the family’s place of worship. The cremation would follow the services and the final disposition of the urn could include taking the urn home, burying the urn at a cemetery or church garden, placing the urn in a niche or scattering the cremated remains somewhere appropriate.

Fuller Funeral Home helps families of Veterans or their spouses with additional benefits available to them. Those who honor our country through the selfless sacrifice of military service deserve, themselves, to be honored. A military burial service is not just an important way to pay respects to our service veterans, but also their families. In addition to placement of an urn or casket in a National cemetery, Military Honors can be arranged for any honorably discharged Veteran. Additional cash benefits may be available, and a memorial certificate may be obtained from the White House. In keeping with honoring Veterans, Fuller Funeral Home announces the Eternal Flame Memorial. Please stop by either of our locations to register your Veteran’s name, all Veterans, those currently serving, have served, or have passed away may be registered. For this unique honor, veterans from all military branches qualify – regardless of rank, and regardless of whether they served in Active Duty, Reserve Duty, or National Guard duty. Additionally, a photograph may be added to the tribute display.

Photos by Jesus Calo
Stop in at Fuller Funeral to sign and honor your loved one’s name, rank, branch and wartime served.

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