Sunday, October 24, 2021

Full House for Thanksgiving Luncheon for Friends Over 60

It was an early Thanksgiving luncheon for 200+ friends over 60 at the Marco Lutheran Church on November 20th, filling the hall to near capacity. Nancy Kot recalled that about 15 months ago, they barely had 30 seniors to their early luncheons at the Family Church. She asked everybody to, “Tell your friends.” On behalf of herself and Allyson Richards, she thanked everyone for bringing their many friends. Allyson Richards remarked that “This is a dream come true with this many seniors for a Thanksgiving luncheon.” Pastor Jon Fogarty of the Family Church led the guests in a Thanksgiving prayer.

Pat Miller shared that she is thankful, “That I live in America and God Bless our Country.” Marci Gorski is thankful for her life and her family. Marie Senechal is thankful for all her friends who help her make quilts for underprivileged children, while Vin Just is thankful for all her friends and for living in this wonderful Marco Island. 

A big thanks to Greg and Richard Sumer of Marco Island Furniture & Mattress Company, who donated funds for the Thanksgiving luncheon. Three super chefs, Bob Crystal, Maria Giacomucci and Ron Clay prepared the delicious meals complete with yummy desserts. 

Marco Island Fire & Rescue Chief Murphy was a guest speaker along with three staff members from the Fire and Rescue Service who held a CPR and AED demonstration (Automatic External Defibrillator).

Chief Murphy has been a Fire Rescue Chief since 2001 and was one of the first certified paramedics in the State of Florida. Murphy has been doing medical rescue since 1974. 

Trivia questions from Chief Murphy:

  • How many emergency calls did Marco’s Fire and Rescue run in 2018? 3,571.
  • How many of these calls were medically related? Over 1,900 calls.

Chief Murphy also shared that Marco has a Fall Prevention Program. They will come to your house and walk through with a checklist as they give you suggestions. You may need a grab rail to hold onto, a carpet next to a bathroom, or you may need a night light. 

Chief Murphy also urged the “young men and women” in attendance that Marco has a, “Call before you Fall” program and shared these statistics:

  • One of three older adults fall each year.
  • Falling once increases your risk of future falls.
  • 50% of seniors who are injured from a fall die within a year.
  • Fall is the leading cause of injury or death in older adults and 60% of these falls occur in the home.

In most cases, these tragedies can be prevented, so please contact Marco Island Fire Rescue for your free fall risks assessment at 239-200-0349.

The Lunch with Friends Over 60 is a collaboration between the Marco Island YMCA, Our Daily Bread Food Pantry and co-sponsored by the Marco Lutheran Church. Luncheon is free of charge to all area residents, “60 or better.” Nancy Kot reminded the guests to please sign up for December as soon as possible as the hall may be at capacity. 

The sponsor for December will be Meals of Hope. RSVP to Nancy Kot at 706-566-8532 or email:

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