Saturday, December 4, 2021

Frozen Cast Visits 60 Homes

The Island Theater Company had a great idea for a social distancing activity when they offered a drive-by from the prince and princesses from their recent performance of “Frozen.”

Organizers expected around 20 homes to respond. Instead, they were shocked to have 60 homes request a visit from the cast.

Six cast members—Kira Swanson, Alessia Pellegrini, Julian Totten, Sloan Wheeler, Tyler Mastrangelo and Emma Mastrangelo—hopped in convertibles and visited 60 homes from 9:30 Saturday morning into the early afternoon. The cast enthusiastically greeted the thrilled children by name as they drove slowly by, waving and smiling.

The directors were absolutely thrilled by the event as Pat Berry, one of three directors of “Frozen,” proudly stated, “This drive-by parade turned out to be more than I think any of us expected. Not only was it amazing watching the kids get so excited when their favorite characters went by, but seeing the smiles on the parents’ faces was priceless.”

“From the first child smiling and waving at the parade, my heart was so full of happiness,” said Pattie Ziesig. “Many times during the parade I had tears rolling down my face.”

“Two things I was so grateful for during the parade this morning,” said Jean Rowles. “First, how amazing our cast was. They popped up and waved with as much enthusiasm for the last house after four hours as they did for the first house. And secondly, the smiles and excitement on the kids’ faces as we started to roll by. I think the morning was a huge success and we were glad to do it.”

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