Monday, October 25, 2021

From Big Flag to Caxambas Republican Club President




In 2011, the Big Flag campaign spawned from an idea to put a giant American flag where the new Jolly Bridge met land on the Marco Island side of the bridge.

Former Big Flag Chairman Dave Rice was quoted as saying, “We will never take any public money for the operation or the upkeep of the flag. We’re going to get a big pile of money for replacement of flags and maintenance. Marco is a small island, but the massive banner will help put it on the map.”

A committee was formed, fundraising began, and on Memorial Day 2012, a 12’ x 18’ American flag was hoisted onto a 50’ flagpole at the base of Marco Island’s Judge S.S. Jolley Bridge. This “Big Flag” at the base of the S.S. Jolley Bridge has been greeting visitors and residents to Marco Island ever since.

Dave Rice served as the chairman of the Big Flag Committee from 2011 to March 2017. Thanks to successful fundraising efforts, there

Submitted Photo | Dave Rice, President Caxambas Republican Club

Submitted Photo | Dave Rice, President Caxambas Republican Club

are sufficient funds in reserve to keep the Big Flag flying over Marco Island for a very long time.

On March 15, 2017 Dave Rice stepped down as chairman of the Big Flag Committee to take over his new role as President of the Caxambas Republican Club (CRC).

Keith Dameron, VP of Iberia Bank, when asked about Dave Rice’s new role, said, “The CRC’s gain is the Big Flag Committee’s loss. Dave [will do his] usual outstanding job advancing the club’s mission with my full support.”

Dave Rice has been a resident of Marco Island since 1987, and is very active in the community. In 2016, Dave was chair of the Marco Island Center for the Arts 50th Anniversary Gala celebration. He was also the recipient of the City of Marco Island’s Citizen of the Year and Marco Island’s Volunteer of the Year awards. Dave is past president of the Marco Island Chamber of Commerce.

For more information on the Caxambas Republican Club, please contact Dave Rice at

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