Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Fresh Produce and Local Style

Mahogany art made with chainsaws.

Mahogany art made with chainsaws.

By Ross Mantz

On November 6, The Marco Island Farmer’s Market opened at Veterans Community Park. There was a strong turnout of pavilions and patrons.

When first entering the ring of tents you are immediately graced with the aroma of barbecue, fresh flowers, and homemade bread. People everywhere smile as they select fat blue crabs, sample fresh coffee and haggle over decorative wooden spoonbills.

The vendors that make this bazaar atmosphere possible have excited attitudes for the season ahead.

Shaina Muth from Inyoni Organic commented, “This is one of the best starts we have seen in years of doing this. We have a lot of return customers and new customers coming out today.” Inyoni Organic offered very fresh and very local veggies, including beautiful radishes and turnips.

Ken from Wild Heritage Farm said, “This is one of the best markets in the state of Florida, and this is exactly why; first week of the market and we’re getting blown out the door right

Inyoni Farms offers organic produce from its Naples farm. PHOTOS BY ROSS MANTZ

Inyoni Farms offers organic produce from its Naples farm. PHOTOS BY ROSS MANTZ

now.” It is no wonder. The color and quality of the greens were amazing.

The Bella Maria Cafe was offering a decadent and delightful assortment of quiches and fresh pastries. Franco and his mother and father make them in their Naples restaurant from family recipes. “It’s gonna get busy. You just bring a good attitude and good product like this, and that’s it.”

Sean and Nathan from Island Chainsaw Art displayed a wonderful menagerie of sculptures from locally sourced scrap wood. These inspired gentlemen had a stream of patrons perusing their selection of loggerhead turtles and abstract enigmas. They too claimed this was one of the best first days in their memory.

The selection at the market was mind-blowing. The quality of the produce was immaculate. Anyone with a passion for food or art should make it their priority to go to the Marco Island Farmers Market.

Every Wednesday between now and the end of April, head on down and buy fresh, buy local.

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