Friday, December 3, 2021

Four Things to Pack For Your Charter Boat Trip



Capt. Pete Rapps

When you go out on a charter boat trip, you want to be prepared to have a really great day out on the water! In order to make sure you’re prepared, there are some things you can bring along with you to make your trip even more successful.


The 4 things you should pack for your charter boat trip are:

  • Snacks and water – The proper nourishment will keep you fueled up to reel in the big one! It’s important to remember that spending a day out on the water, especially when it’s warm and sunny, can really leave you thirsty. Staying hydrated is important for safety and feeling your best, so bring lots of water. While you’re out having a great time, you may also start to feel a little hungry as well, so packing a few snacks or a sandwich is a great idea if you start to feel a bit of a stomach rumble!
  • Outside protection – While you’re out on the boat you’ll be exposed to the elements a bit, and this includes both sun, and possibly, rain. If it’s rainy, consider bringing along a poncho to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable. If it’s sunny, make sure to pack a bottle of sunscreen. Keep in mind that spray-type sunscreen is a bad option for fishing charters – just a small misting can kill an entire tank of bait. Also, a misting on the deck of the boat could result in a slippery hazard.
  • Hand sanitizer – If you’re reeling them in and playing with live bait, you may also want to pack a small bottle of hand sanitizer to have on hand in case you get messy. This can be particularly beneficial before you dig into your snacks! If you happen to cut yourself on a hook or piece of gear, you can also use the hand sanitizer to keep the area clean until you get home for a proper wash.
  • Camera– Be sure to bring a good camera with you. The best part about a fishing trip is the memories of the day. That fillet you cooked for dinner gave you 5 minutes of enjoyment, but that photo of you or someone special on your fishing trip holding up their catch will last a lifetime.

I hope that these articles serve as educational and beneficial to you, and that they will help you become a better angler. If you have any questions or would like to book an instructional charter, please contact me. I also conduct free instructional seminars and workshops to various groups, clubs, tackle shops, and other venues throughout the year. If your group could benefit from a workshop, please do not hesitate to contact me. Also be sure to check out our website for dates of future workshops.


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