Friday, December 3, 2021

Foundation Extends Best Wishes for Chief Frazzano’s Recovery

Photos by Steve Stefanides | Police Chief Tracy Frazzano


The Marco Police Foundation’s typical “Lunch with the Chief” characteristically has highlights regarding the operations of the Marco Island Police Department, given by the chief. However, Police Chief Tracy Frazzano has been engaged in another battle which she is determined to overcome in her fight against an enemy which also had touched so many within the room on that afternoon. 

Frazzano late last year announced she would be undergoing treatments and now surgery regarding her battle with cancer. It is rare when someone hasn’t had their family, friends or themselves touched by the disease, so when she was given the diagnosis, she dedicated herself to overcoming the disease and used her condition as a teaching moment for those around her to help in their personal battles.

Foundation President Vernon Geberth reminded attendees to keep Chief Frazzano in their prayers as she was undergoing surgery this week, but was upbeat in his comments when speaking to the Coastal Breeze after the luncheon referring to the Chief’s positive attitude and strong will. “I really believe we’ll see Chief Frazzano back hitting the streets sooner, rather than later,” said the longtime, but now retired member of the NYPD.

Stepping in for Chief Frazzano was Chief Tabatha Butcher of the Collier County EMS Department. Butcher, a 24-year veteran of the Collier County EMS, spoke in glowing terms regarding the collaborative job being done by the EMS professionals under her command in coordination with the six separate fire departments within the county and the law enforcement assets which work seamlessly to provide services to all of Collier County residents and visitors.

In 2020, EMS responded to 44,000 calls, and transported 29,000 patients by ambulance or in their state-of-the-art EMS Helicopter. At the present time, they employ over 196 Emergency Technicians or Paramedics in the field.

The Foundation has yet to set the next luncheon but is hoping to welcome back Chief Frazzano shortly.



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  1. Susan Ediss says:

    We on Marco truely appreciate your dedication 🙏🙏🙏‼️‼️‼️

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