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For Jennifer Edwards, it’s all about the ‘Integrity of our Electoral Process’

At the August 10thluncheon for the Women’s Republican Club of Naples, Federated, Litha Berger of Marco Island introduced Jennifer Edwards referring to her strength. “She is tiny but don’t underestimate her strength.” Melissa Blazier, Jennifer’s Chief Deputy Supervisor of Elections totally agreed.

Jennifer Edwards has been in office for 18 years and is committed to the next election cycle in 2020. Most of us remember the Presidential election year of 2000 between Bush and Gore with a 537 margin, which gave Bush the election. Jennifer took office during that very challenging election year. Jennifer is most proud of her accomplishments during that election period. Another very successful accomplishment is the consolidation of three offices to a single location on Enterprise Avenue – a must see office and one open to public tours.

Jennifer Edwards, Supervisor of Elections for Collier County, the guest speaker at the Women’s Republican Club of Naples, Federated on August 10th. Photo by Maria Lamb

Who is Jennifer Edwards? She grew up in Olive Hill, Kentucky on a tobacco and cattle farm with a pony named “Fury.” She received her Master’s degree from Eastern Kentucky University before moving to Naples in 1984. Initially, she was Jennifer Jones and along came Ronnie Edwards and they were married in 1992. Jennifer is an avid gardener, loves plants, trees and flowers and in her lanai-garden, lives with “Bubba,” a parrot and favorite pet who challenges Ronnie Edwards for Jennifer’s affection. They have two children and three grandchildren.

Jennifer has proven to be a dynamic “Gatekeeper of Democracy” in her role as Supervisor of Elections for Collier County. She appears at numerous meetings and events and is a great educator explaining the Constitution to residents of Collier County and their obligation and right to vote.

Security of our election process is Jennifer’s topmost priority. She reassured the guests that “Russians did not access Collier’s networks. There was an attempt to interfere with the system through an email phishing scheme which was identified.” According to Jennifer, “Our election results were never in jeopardy. Election results are transmitted via a secure tabulation room that is not connected to the internet. Florida has an audit trail. If our election results are ever in jeopardy, we have paper ballots to fall back on. You can’t hack paper. There is a continuous staff training about election security which included both physical and cyber security.” Jennifer reassured everyone that the Collier County Supervisor of Elections continues to work with County, State and Federal officials to ensure the integrity of our elections.

Do you know how you will cast your ballot? Visit or call the Supervisor of Elections at 239-252-VOTE to learn about all your voting options!

Some very interesting voter statistics for Collier County:

  • Majority of voters are Republicans;
  • Majority of voters are white;
  • Majority of voters are women;
  • Majority of voters are over 66.

Caxambas Republican Club and Marco Island residents with Jennifer Edwards at Tiburon Golf & Country Club, Naples. Submitted Photo


Voter Turnout Tracking

The Collier County Supervisor of Elections office has posted the voter turnout tracking feature on their website for the August 28 Primary Election. A variety of graphs and charts are available to display total ballots cast (not votes counted).  This information is transaction-based and will continue to update throughout the election with voter check-in totals.

The voter turnout feature allows website visitors to view a summary of ballots cast by type: Vote-by-Mail, Early Voting, Election Day and Provisional. Viewers may also track ballots cast by party, by date and by precinct.

The first preliminary election results will be posted at on Tuesday, August 28, 2018 at approximately 7:30 PM. The initial report will only include results from Vote-by-Mail and Early Voting ballots. All subsequent reports will include Election Day precinct results.

For more information, visit or contact the Supervisor of Elections office at 239-252-VOTE.

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