Saturday, November 27, 2021

Focus on Medium: Lure of the Lens



By Steve Gimmestad

A6-CBN-7-10-6Note: This is a series of articles about the mediums people use to express themselves and create some great works of art for us to enjoy.

I was 15 years old when the lens lured me in. It started with my Grandfather, who used to develop his own pics as a youth and translated to my Dad, who built me darkroom complete with all the gear and chemicals. I was hooked for life.

An eye-blink later, the chemicals are gone and my darkroom, still in its original condition, has become a storage facility in my Mother’s basement. I didn’t give up photography. The computer is now my darkroom and I save thousands of dollars a year on film. The art of



photography is alive and flourishing. Let’s talk with a few people who use this medium to create some truly fantastic works of art.

“I came to a point in my life about seven years ago that I decided to dedicate my life to my photography,” says Dennis Goodman. “It’s what I always wanted to do. It’s how I always wanted to define myself.”

A6-CBN-7-10-1Dennis is an award-winning photographer with a gallery in Naples and has his own commercial print business to compliment his photographic passions. He works full-time in photography, which is not an easy task.

“I read where about 10% of photographers are able to do it as a full-time endeavor,” says Dennis. “It’s not easy and you spend about 80% of your



time on the business side and 20% taking pictures. You can’t make a living just taking pictures and selling them. That’s just the reality. But I’m able to use my talents and passion in most everything I do now.”

Frank Steiger has been in law enforcement for most of his life and is currently a member of the Marco Island Police Department. “There are many types of photography; sports, wedding, event, journalist, etc. I like to use my vision to tell a story and create a picture. Create is the key word and the camera is my tool of choice for creating those expressions for people to enjoy.”

A6-CBN-7-10-5Dr. Joseph Parisi is a local photographer who still practices veterinary medicine. “Photography is capturing



an image. Even Renoir and Gauguin used their chosen medium to capture what they saw and express their vision. Photography is an art form in that a photographer captures an image, using their perspective, the light and angle to express their vision of one moment in time. It is their expression and that has value.

“So many people think it’s about taking a picture and selling that picture,” says Dennis about the art of photography. “They don’t realize I may try for three years to get the right light, angle and that perfect moment which expresses the vision I have for a particular photograph. I may never get it, but the effort is part of the journey, and I love that journey.”




as a person can be taught the techniques of using a brush, pencil or clay, so too they can be taught to use the camera as a tool. The camera, as the brush, is not what creates the art, it is the person using it. The camera is a great medium to express the artist within.

You can find the work of the artists mentioned in this article at:

Dennis Goodman,, or by visiting his gallery at 2355 Vanderbilt Beach Rd. Suite 144 in Naples.

Frank Steiger’s work can be found on Facebook at: Frank Steiger Photography.

Joseph Parisi’s works are on display at the Marco Island Library through the end of August. You can also visit his website at:

Is a picture worth a thousand words? That’s entirely up to you as the artist with a camera.

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