Tuesday, November 30, 2021

‘Floridians Against Fracking’ Groups Testify

Dozens of representatives from environmental and health organizations testified against a pro-fracking bill today that will give fracking the greenlight in Florida and abolish over 50 community resolutions against the dangerous new drilling technology.
House Bill 191, a bill passed today in a key House committee, seeks to finalize regulations within the next year that would permit unconventional new forms of oil and gas drilling in the state of Florida.  The bill would also eliminate a state statute that allows municipalities to weigh in on new drilling permits submitted to the Department of Environmental Protection.  The 52 anti-fracking resolutions passed by counties and cities representing 8 million Florida residents would be declared null and void too.
The Floridians Against Fracking, a coalition of 35 environmental, health and social justice groups, has also been denouncing the special exemptions the oil and gas industry would get from Florida’s sunshine laws. The pro-fracking bill would allow the fracking industry to keep secret the list of fracking chemicals used at drilling wells from the public and health professionals as part of ‘trade secret’ clauses in the bill.

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