Friday, December 3, 2021

Florida’s Classic Sunrises, Sunsets and Storms Art Showcase at City Hall

Photos by Maria Lamb | Photographer Frank Steiger with friend during set up day.


Thanks to all 31 local artists who contributed their artwork as part of the Sun & Storms Art at City Hall Exhibit. It is quite an impressive exhibit. 

Wall of Blues, Greens and White at the Conference Room.

According to Casey Lucius, Assistant to City Manager McNees; We are so lucky to have many talented artists in our community. When the City Manager had the wonderful idea of showcasing their talents right here at City Hall, we received great responses from the artists.” Artwork is organized by themes, and volunteers like Hyla Crane, Executive Director of the Marco Island Center for the Arts, and Barbara Parisi, contacted the artists and encouraged their participation. 

We love seeing these beautiful works of art every day, and we’re glad we can share it with City staff,” Lucius added. We look forward to the next Open House where we can invite the public to view the exhibits.” 

And yes, there is an art or science to hanging art pieces for public viewing. Lucius has been busy supervising the installation for the second series of exhibits and got expert advice from Center for the Arts curators, Barbara Parisi and Nancy Normato make sure all 51-plus pieces are hung “not too high or not too low,” when viewed from a standing position. 

In Marco, you are never far from our famous sunset beach where you can watch the sun dip below the horizon and cap a perfect afternoon. It is a magical hour when the sun rises and falls, setting the sky ablaze with an explosion of colors.



Florida is a state famous for its sunrises and sunsets, and our local artists have depicted these memories into their canvases and photographs for all to admire at the exhibit at City Hall. 

The Sunshine State is also notorious for its thunderstorms and lighting strikes. These intense weather phenomena with its dark skies, wildfires, and hurricanes, though terrifying are also imageries that are dramatically transferred to canvasses and easels. The magical shifts in colors are like poetry on canvas, providing an insight into an artist’s feelings as they create each brushstroke in a storm or sunset painting. 

Also part of the exhibit is artwork from three students from Gulf Coast High School in NaplesThere is also a special section displaying fabric art consisting of handmade stitching, beading, embroidery and quilting along with a set of wooden bowls depicting sunset scenery.  

Artwork is displayed at City Hall in the lobby, hallways, and conference rooms, and several large pieces were brought over to the City Council Meeting Room. Overall, the exhibit is a collection of photography, paintings, textiles, and wood. 

As the saying goes, “art is in the eye of the beholder”, and one thing is for sure, staff at City Hall are having this conversation and they are having fun! In addition, with colors such as blues, shades of oranges, yellow, purple, and lavender, all these are guaranteed to lift one’s mood. 


Photos by Maria Lamb | City Clerk Laura Litzan with her Spoonbill purchase, with artist Nancy Garrison.


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