Friday, October 15, 2021

Florida- The Fishing Capital of the World


Kara with a barracuda. Photos by Capt. Pete Rapps

Kara with a barracuda. Photos by Capt. Pete Rapps

Florida is often considered the Fishing Capital of the World, and it continuously delivers on this promise due to the great resources available, as well as the management of these resources. Over the years, the Census Bureau has conducted several surveys asking anglers where they consider the best place to go fishing would be, and the majority of those taking the survey always claim that Florida is the top fishing destination.

No matter when or where you decide to go fishing in Florida, it is always important to remember to remain safe, watch current weather, tides, and sea reports. It is also a good idea to learn what the best times of the day to go fishing would be, so you have better success on your next trip.

If you are more interested in freshwater fishing, then it is recommended that you choose times occurring during dawn and dusk so that you


can see more active feeding times for the fish. It is also advisable at this time of day because it is not as hot as midday so you can get a small escape from the rising temperatures.

The best time for saltwater fishing would be when the tide is moving. Saltwater fish tend to take a break from activity when the tides are slack and not moving. Pull up a local tide chart online or on your smart phone to determine this.

Florida has a massive variety of fish, many different fishing water locations to choose from, and different fishing styles to try. Florida also provides the angler with the year-round fishing weather, which makes it hard to beat as one of the top rated fishing spots of the world.

To keep Florida beautiful and a good vacation fishing spot, we need to remember to comply with all fishing laws and regulations, conserve

Tarpon boatside on a Captain Rapps fishing charter.

Tarpon boatside on a Captain Rapps fishing charter.

the land we visit, and ensure sustainable and safe fishing practices such as catch and release of fish that you do not intend to eat that day. Also, do not improperly dispose of trash or litter in areas that you will be fishing, instead, be sure to recycle and respect the land that is around you.

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