Monday, November 29, 2021

Florida State Association of Supervisors of Elections (FSASE) Receives 2016 Eagle Award



The Florida State Association of Supervisors of Elections (FSASE), announced recognition of the 2016 Eagle Award from the International Association of Clerks, Recorders, Election Officials & Treasurers (IACREOT) for its Florida Certified Election Professionals (FCEP) program.

The FCEP program is affiliated with the Florida Institute of Government and offers continuing education and certification programs for election officials with topics including voter registration, media relations and managing election workers. Since its development in 2007, FCEP has grown each year. Eighty-four election professionals have graduated from the program and are designated as “Master Florida Certified Elections Professionals (MFCEP).”

“The FCEP program was created to increase the knowledge and skill levels of elected officials and their staff in order to improve the election experience in Florida. This recognition confirms the hard work and dedication that Florida’s election administrators have to the electoral process.” – Jennifer J. Edwards, MFCEP, Collier County Supervisor of Elections.

IACREOT was founded in 1971 and currently has over 500 members representing local, state provincial, national and international associations and agencies. The Eagle Award recognizes innovative programs that do not rely on procedures that are common practice. Judging is based on specific criteria including the effectiveness of closing a gap in availability of existing services and promotion of intergovernmental cooperation and coordination.

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