Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Florida Rolls Out New Guide for Senior Drivers

Florida has something new specifically designed for aging drivers. The  Florida Guide for Aging Drivers is a handy book available at no cost to senior drivers, compliments of the Florida Safe Mobility for Life Coalition. The Coalition, a group comprised of professionals from 28 organizations, created the guide to give aging drivers a comprehensive resource with the most up-to-date information available.

Users will find safe driving tips, licensing information, lists of resources, and community contacts for every county in the state. Basically, the guide offers just about everything an aging driver needs to be more proactive about staying safe on the road. This book compliments the website and is just the right size for the car’s glove box and available through the:

Safe Mobility for Life Resource Center

636 West Call Street

Tallahassee, FL 32306

Why does Florida need an aging driver guide? Actually, it makes perfect sense when you consider that Florida leads the nation with 18 percent of its population age 65 and older. In fact, by the year 2030, over 27 percent will be over age 65, with half of those 75 or older. Mirroring this growth, an increasing proportion of drivers in Florida are getting older. Currently, nearly 3 million drivers in Florida are over age 65.

“Most people experience a steady decline in some of the skills needed to safely drive as we get older, however, these changes do not affect all drivers at the same age or in the same way,says Gail Holley, Florida Department of Transportations Safe Mobility for Life Program and Research Manager. “It is important for everyone to understand the impact that aging can have on their driving and learn the warning signs and resources that are available to them so they can make the transition when driving may no longer be a safe option.

The guide is designed to help aging drivers strike a balance between safety and the need for independence. The hope is that users of the guide will take the time to consider their driving abilities, take steps to improve their driving skills, explore other transportation options if needed, and start making a plan for retirement from driving if it becomes necessary in the future.

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