Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Flagship Real Estate Closing




After 42 years, Flagship Real Estate is closing its doors. While the company has obligations through December, the process began in early November.

Flagship was formed in 1973 by Marv Needles, in a 430 square foot office in Old Marco Village. Within a few years a second location was established in Pelican Plaza, and soon thereafter a third office opened to accommodate the rental firm, Flagship Vacation Properties.

In 1983, Marv built Flagship Harbour, a building located on Collier Boulevard to house the growing Flagship group of companies.

During the 42 year run, Flagship Real Estate continued to serve thousands of clients for the purchase and sale of homes, condos and investment properties. Flagship Vacation Properties, in the early 2000s, represented nearly 300 properties for vacation rentals, as well as annuals.

In the late 1990s, Flagship Homes began a run of nearly 10 years. Beginning as a homebuilder to accommodate the need for more affordable homes, as the demand for larger and more luxurious homes grew, Flagship met the need. In the 10 year span, Flagship built over 175 homes.

For the past few years, owner/broker Marv Needles had been approached by Naples firms that desired to move into the Marco Island market, but none of the suitors were acceptable.

In October of this year, an old acquaintance, Phil Wood of John R. Wood Properties (JRW) contacted Marv. After two meetings, it was apparent to Marv that JRW would be a great fit for the agents of Flagship. With encouragement from Marv, most of the agents had joined JRW by the first of November.

Marv’s plans do not include retirement, but his direction has yet to be determined.



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