Thursday, December 9, 2021

Flags for Heroes A Huge Success

Photos by Connor Bowden

A spectacular demonstration of love and respect rose up out of the ground at the corner of Sand Hill Street and San Marco Road this week. It is part of a fund-raising effort made by the Noontime Rotary Club of Marco Island in conjunction with the Greater Marco YMCA.

Motorists, bikers and walkers saw row after row of Old Glory fly proudly upon 7 ft. masts as part of a wonderful display of patriotism and respect for those heroes within the Marco community and beyond.

Individuals and organizations were able to purchase a flag to represent a symbol of the purchasers’ respect for their hero(es). The proceeds from the sale of those flags would go back into the community to serve the critical needs.


Photos by Steve Stefanides


Photos by Steve Stefanides

Each flag represents an individual or an organization who honor and appreciate as being a hero in our lives. Everyone from a good friend to a healthcare worker, police officer, firefighter, EMS worker, teacher, wife, husband or anyone you saw as your hero.

The flags will be on display until February 19th and will serve as a moving tribute to those heroes in our community who have been recognized by someone who finds them special.

The opening ceremony was held on Presidents’ Day on February 15 with a moving tribute to the American Flag and the symbolism it represents.

The display is open to the public and all are invited to stroll through the field of Flags for Heroes and view the Medallions showing the name of those honored and those honoring them.


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