Thursday, October 21, 2021

Five golden rings



by Richard Alan

Hey guys, heads up… this is your two minute warning. Gift giving time for your special someone will be here sooner than you think, and if you are a working stiff like I am and the time gets away from us before you know it it’s Christmas Eve. Then reality sets in or should I say panic sets in. I totally blew it last year, and on Christmas morning the temperature towards me was colder around my tree in my living room than it was in the woods of Siberia from my lack of planning.

I’m a jeweler/goldsmith and it’s a no brainer that November and December are my busiest months of the year and the result is I’m burning many nights of midnight oil and early morning toiling at my bench until my hands are actually cut and bleeding. You would think they would be sympathetic and understand the fact that there is not a sliver of a moment where I could get away from my shop to actually go shopping for them… you would be wrong. So if you wish to avoid the pain, embarrassment and frosty environment, make time! Unless you own a jewelry store you have the option of getting jewelry for loved ones; I don’t because if I do it means I made no thoughtful effort because I never left the store and quickly gifted left over jewelry out of my showcases after the holiday buying dust settled. (Seemed to work for me for decades, I guess it got old?).

One thing I know is most other women love jewelry, Grandma, Mom, your wife, your daughters even you’re ex wives and those with mistresses, (There are no secrets on this island, honestly I’m kidding?) in two words… all women. And don’t fall for the “Honey I don’t want jewelry, I know it’s so expensive!) A proverbial red flag should pop up because that implies that’s exactly what they want! Like I mentioned last article you don’t have to break the bank to come out smelling like a poinsettia this holiday, there are many alternatives to high end gifts two words… sterling silver.

In all my years in this business I have never sold so much sterling silver as I have the past year, my domestic and European collections even mix gold and diamonds in their designs keeping prices in the low hundreds instead of gold jewelry with diamonds that is now in the thousands. There is even some cool non- precious metal fashion jewelry that the ladies adore that is even less money than silver. Maybe it’s time to replace the $12.00 Timex you gave her in ’64 with a really nice time piece and there are also ultra-sonic jewelry cleaners and fancy wooden jewelry boxes for the top of her dresser. And you can’t go wrong with a gift certificate to her favorite jewelry store.

Which brings me back to my dilemma? What am I to get for my wife? I’m thinking of booking a relaxing week in January at her favorite Jamaican resort that conveniently includes me, that’s a win, win situation. Shop smart, shop well.

Richard Alan is a designer /goldsmith owner of the Harbor Goldsmith’s and Richard’s Reef’s of Marco Island. He welcomes your questions about “All That Glitters” 239-394-9275.

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