Saturday, January 29, 2022

Fitness on the Force

Jim Pope, Captain Paramedic. Photos by Jeane Brennan

Jim Pope, Captain Paramedic. Photos by Jeane Brennan

Jim Pope, Captain Paramedic, has been with the Marco Island Fire Department for 14 years. He is married to Margie and they have two children, ages seven and four. Born in Hollywood and growing up in Orlando, Jim was asked if he had dreamt of being a fireman as a young boy.  “No,” Jim answered, “after high school I continued my education and received my AA degree. My brother went to EMT school and I decided to go, also.  That decision changed my life. I received an AS degree in fire science. The Marco Fire Department encourages continuing education and, since joining the force, I have become a paramedic.  I have my fire inspector license, and am accredited for dive rescue, Hazmat technician, and boat operator.”

“Being a firefighter is such a rewarding experience,” Jim continued. “There is something new every day. One day I am in a boat, and then



the next day I might be on a dive rescue. It isn’t the same thing every day, whether I am on a call or in training. We are always doing something.”

Asked about Jim’s most memorable firefighter event, Jim replied, “It was a boat rescue 10 miles off shore in dense fog. The fog was so dense; we could only see a few feet ahead. Time was of the essence, but traveling in the fog was dangerous and slow going. Because of the fog, two boats collided.”

“Being part of the Marco Island Fire Department,” Jim said, “is more like being with family. I can’t imagine doing anything else or having a more rewarding job.”

Thanks to Chief Murphy and Captain Batiato volunteering men from their department encouraging health and fitness, Jim shows us how to do the exercise ‘Push-up with a twist.’

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