Monday, January 24, 2022

Fitness on the Force



Dustin Beatly, Engineer Paramedic, has been with the Marco Island Fire Department seven years and was chosen by Captain David Batiato to lead the “Side Shuffle” exercise.

Dustin was raised and grew up on Marco Island, attending Gulfview Middle School and Lely High School. Asked if, as a young boy, he wanted to be a fireman when he grew up, Dustin said, “No, I wanted to be an architect.” As a senior at Lely, Dustin needed one more class and choose a work program. That choice changed his life. Taking a first aid class and then volunteering at the Isles of Capri Fire and Rescue Dustin realized he had found a career, and from that point, he said, “I did not look back.” He then graduated



from the Florida State Fire College in Ocala.

Dustin is a rescue diver, a hazmet technician, and is part of the marine rescue program which consists of two boats. Asked how Marco citizens could make life easier for our rescue personnel, Dustin wants to remind drivers to move to the right side of the road once a siren is heard.

Dustin was a founding member of the Gulf Coast Skinners, a water ski club and school which was based out of Lake Avalon in East Naples from the time he was in 6th grade to 5 years ago. He is married to Cheyanne of the Gutierrez family. Dustin also owns a small business called Water Ski Marco Island ( specializing in water ski and wake board charters.

Dustin’s enthusiasm for Marco’s fire department is evident in his parting



words, saying, “We have a great department 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The strength of our department is made up of rescuers from 20 years old to the mid fifties encompassing all skill levels and type of experience. We are a small department, but we all wear many hats. I wouldn’t want to do anything or be anywhere else.”

The Side Shuffle

The move: A sidestep shuffle with downward pressure on the trailing leg. Works on: Lower extremity strength, adductor flexibility, abdominal control of the torso.

Level of difficulty: Beginner to intermediate.

Precautions: Perform this exercise in an open area. Be aware that shoes with dark soles can leave marks on the floor (use stocking feet



if necessary). Take care to keep the weight centered between the legs and the knees pointing straight forward. Sit back into the squat and don’t let the squat-side knee move forward of the ankle.

Setup: Stand upright with the knees slightly bent, hands on hips.

The steps: Leave the right foot planted and knee firm. Take a wide step to the left. Drop the hips into a single leg squat with the left leg, right leg stays straight to the side. Keep the head and chest up, back flat. With one combined motion, press down hard and maintain pressure with the right foot to maximize friction and slide the feet together as you stand up. Repeat.

Repetitions: 10 to 20 reps per leg. Increase as tolerated.

Options: Try different surfaces to vary the friction and resistance

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