Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Fishing the 10,000 Islands in November



Capt. Pete Rapps

November is for sure one of the best months to go fishing in the 10,000 Islands! Around this time of year you can easily enjoy the wonderfully mild weather, with very little rainfall or winds to concern yourself with. You can expect daytime temperatures to stay comfortably from the high 70s to the low 80s. However, you shouldn’t forget your sunscreen while you are out just because things are starting to get a bit cooler out there.

Not to mention that you can find the fish are actively following and feeding on all of the bait pods that are just off the coastal beaches. With the winter on its way, you will be seeing most of the local fish out and about getting ready for the change of seasons. You can even find many of our migratory birds heading over to the 10,000 Islands for the winter.

Around the coastal areas, you can find plenty of bluefish, jacks, ladyfish, Spanish mackerel, and many other kinds of energetic and fast swimming fish. Keep an eye out for flocks of birds that are picking out the scraps of an underwater frenzy. I’d recommend using a bucktail type jig around 3/8 oz., tipped with a tiny piece of shrimp, for some quick action.

Looking for some redfish? Around the Islands, you can best find them on the incoming tides just around the coastal mangrove trees and root systems, or shallow oyster bars. Using a D.O.A. Deadly Combo Rootbeer Shrimp and a nice Berkley GULP shrimp,

Photo by Capt. Pete RappsJune and Ken caught some beautiful redfish and black drum on a Captain Rapps Charter.

Photo by Capt. Pete RappsJune and Ken caught some beautiful redfish and black drum on a Captain Rapps Charter.

you should have no problem getting their attention. However, if you have some live shrimp handy, try sending one out either free lined or under a popping cork.

If snook are your target fish, make sure to stock up on D.O.A Baitbusters and TerrorEyz before heading to the backwater. With the winter season coming soon, the snook will be on their way back in the creeks and rivers to prepare for the colder months. For some great snook action, you will want to toss a handful of live pilchards as live chum, followed by a nice one on circle hook rigged to about 3’-4’ of 40 lb. fluorocarbon leader.

If you need a lesson or just want to get out fishing with family or friends, drop us an email or give us a call. Our awesome fleet of guides will turn you on to an incredible day on the water.

Contact Capt. Pete Rapps by email at or by phone 239-571-1756. Captain Rapps’ Charters & Guides offers year round expert guided, light tackle, near shore, and backwater fishing trips in the 10,000 Islands of the Everglades National Park, and springtime tarpon-only charters in the Florida Keys. Capt. Rapps’ top-notch fleet accommodates men, women and children of all ages, experienced or not. Between our vast knowledge and experience of the area, and easygoing demeanors, you are guaranteed to have a great day. Book your charter 24/7 using the online booking calendar, and see Capt. Rapps’ first class website for booking info, videos, recipes, seasonings, and more at

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