Monday, January 17, 2022

Fishing Forecast for December

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Fall and Winter months bring us much milder temperatures, so December in the 10,000 Islands area also boasts of lower humidity levels, lighter winds and very active fish species. With fall on its way out and winter storming in, the local fish are getting themselves ready for the change in season. 

If you are unsure of where to find the fish, keep a close eye on where the birds are flocking because they are plucking those fish from the water. The temperatures during December can drop down into the low 60s later on during the month. However, even with these cooler temperatures, you can still find plenty of active fish for the picking.

While fishing, you will find that the Spanish mackerel are just one of those active species you will find. To catch them, use a bucktail jig tipped with a small piece of shrimp. You can also find redfish on the incoming tides around the coastal mangrove trees as well or in the shallow oyster bars. For these fish, you want to utilize a D.O.A Deadly Combo Rootbeer Shrimp.

If you want more of a sporty fish, travel to the backwaters for some active snook. You can usually find them in the back of the creeks as well as the back bays. You can also check out the deeper mangrove root pockets because they may be hiding there while waiting on their next meal. 

For snook, you should use live bait like shrimp, pilchards, mullets and sardines. You should also expect quite the challenge since catching snook will almost always prove to be an exciting venture.

In this area and at hard oyster bottoms in the Gulf side river mouths, you can also expect to find sheepshead, redfish and mangrove snappers. Live shrimp makes it easier to catch these fish. 

Redfish love both cut and live bait, and shrimp can easily grab their attention. Some artificial bait has also proven to work like weedless spoons and plastic-tail jigs. Licensed anglers are allowed to take one redfish home as long as the fish falls between 18 and 27 in length. 

Spotted sea trout are also plentiful this time of year. We recommend that you use Gulp shrimp, bucktail jigs or live pilchards.

Excited for a new month of fishing in the 10,000 Islands area? Make sure to check back each month to see the forecast and learn helpful tips and tricks for catching your favorite fish.

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