Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Fishing and Boating in the 10,000 Islands

Photo by Capt. Pete Rapps  |  Giant white pelicans in the 10,000 Islands.

Photo by Capt. Pete Rapps | Giant white pelicans in the 10,000 Islands.


Capt. Pete Rapps

Looking at a map or marine chart, the 10,000 Islands area of Southwest Florida is essentially located from the south end of Naples, continuing south past Marco Island, Goodland, Everglades City, and several miles past Chokoloskee. The 10,000 Islands is home to many species of fish that can be found throughout the year. The shallow waters and mangrove-lined shorelines are home to vast ecosystems nursery grounds for hundreds of marine species.

Ten Thousand Island area is the perfect vacation destination for any family that is interested in being close to the water and exploring everything the islands have to offer. Fishing and boating will take your family into an environment that they can learn from and discover, and it gives everyone a chance to break away from the technology and the hustle and bustle of everyday life and routine.

We really are in the most the ideal spot for fishing and boating because there is rarely a time of the year when weather conditions are too harsh to get out there and have fun. Even on windy days, there are usually spots you can tuck into and have a great day.

If you need to rent a boat, there are many boat rental companies available in this area, and they offer a variety of boats including center consoles and flats boats, and they provide lifejackets, livewells, poling platforms, and even some electronics.

Chartering a boat is also a great idea because you will be guided by a professional to areas and spots that you might otherwise miss if you go out by yourself, and you can see everything that Ten Thousand Islands has to offer, including the estuarine tidal creeks, sheltered waters, and some of the most awesome mangrove mazes. It’s also a good idea to go on a local charter so that you can have assistance in choosing the best dates and take into consideration tidal flows, moon phases, and seasonal climates.

So before you decide on your next family vacation, consider exploring Ten Thousand Islands and the Everglades National Park. It makes a great mid-winter vacation and provides the opportunity to learn, have fun, and catch some exciting fish in the shallow and calm waters.

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