Monday, November 29, 2021

First island-wide tennis social a hit!



A new ‘Summer Swing’ program swung into action at the Hideaway Beach Club. Two months ago the newly organized Y tennis advisory committee concluded it would be nice to have a summer tennis event that would include the four major tennis clubs on the island. Jim Curran, the committee chair and Brock Wilson contacted the other clubs to determine if there was any interest. The answer was an overwhelming yes and so, a special program named “summer swing” was initiated. The clubs involved are the Island Country Club, Hideaway Beach Club, Marco Island Racquet Center and the YMCA. Tennis coordinators, Howie Burnett from the Island Country Club, Eric Manring, representing the Hideaway Beach Club, and Alex Galiana from the Racquet Center gave their enthusiastic support to Jim and Brock from the Y committee and the rest is history. A schedule was set up to include visits to separate clubs for each of the three months of summer. The Hideaway Beach Club drew the opening event in July which was held on Friday, July 22nd. The Island Club got the August 19th
Alexa Campisi. Photo by Eric Manring

Alexa Campisi. Photo by Eric Manring

date and the YMCA is scheduled for September 16th. The Racquet Center has drawn a bye for this summer.

Each host club will determine how many players will be invited from each of the other clubs. There will be 8 game round robins to include males, females and mixed doubles. The host Pro makes the schedule and rotates partners over 4 rounds. Everyone plays three rounds and gets a bye for one round. The pairings are mixed between the men and women and between all four clubs. Tennis ratings will determine the level of play on each of the doubles matches. This is purely a social event however, Eric at Hideaway maintained a record of games won by players and small prizes were given to the top 10 players.

Food and refreshments were served and everyone had a great time. Some players will be asking their tennis coordinators to put them on the list for the August event at Island Country Club.

On the basis of the enthusiasm and attendance at part one (there were 50 in attendance Hideaway) there is already discussion among the organizers to have an expanded island-wide tennis program for this coming season.

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