Friday, December 3, 2021

First Day Back to School with New Norms

Photos by Jory Westberry | Miss Macy’s fifth graders unpack their supplies and prepare to start their day.

After 6 months away from their education due to COVID-19, most students, parents and guardians greeted today with a mixture of trepidation, excitement, worry and optimism that some normalcy was coming back. What I observed today was a well-organized process, procedures in place and the entire staff taking responsibility for the safety of the students of Tommie Barfield Elementary and each other. From Dan Dupuis the Facility Managerto Mary Beth Schneller the Media Specialist, to Nancy Shea the Office Managerthe rest of the front office staff, teachers, school counselor, assistants, custodians and more. Safedistancing decals were in place on the floors, water fountains were wrapped in plastic and offlimits, several colors of painting tape lined the hallway floors, partly to establish safe lines to classes and partly for color-coding to sections of the building for different grade levels; especially for the first day back in school after a long hiatus. The opening was orderly with safety foremost on everyone’s mind.  

While Marco Island does not require masks, the parents with children were masked and taking precautions for the safety of all. Fingers crossed that the same focus continues as the COVID-19 Pandemic unfolds. 

“Search with your eyes, then choose your book” is a procedure to limit the chance of infection.


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