Wednesday, December 1, 2021

First Anniversary for Moore Docks, Lifts and Seawalls



By Coastal Breeze News Staff

Tom Moore came to Marco Island and immediately recognized a need. Having the proper experience and initiative, Tom started Moore Roofing to fulfill the roofing needs of area homeowners. That was more than twelve years ago. Since that time, Moore Roofing has installed hundreds and hundreds of roofs. Tom didn’t stop there however….

He discovered another need. Tom had been referring clients to other companies for their docks, lifts and seawall needs. He soon realized he could offer his own solutions to these issues with the quality workmanship, fair prices and prompt responsiveness homeowners deserved. Tom opened Moore Docks and Lifts. That was one year ago. He now offers solutions to docks and lifts and seawalls that are aesthetically pleasing with cutting edge technology.

Moore Docks, Lifts and Seawalls has designed some of the most beautiful state-of-the-art docks in the area using



Fiberon composite decking. “We love using the Fiberon. It makes creating and designing your ideal deck space simple,” Tom noted. “It will not rot, warp or splinter and it is easy to maintain. A 25-year warranty makes it an easy choice to make. Just take a look at some of the docks we have built.”

Zuri is another upscale, beautiful composite decking Moore Docks installs, and can be easily seen at The SpeakEasy restaurant on the water at 1106 N. Collier Boulevard, Marco Island.

At just one year into this venture, Moore has added cutting-edge technology again! This time with new engineering feat in building seawalls. “In the marine construction industry, we saw a need for an option to the common concrete seawall. After studying numerous types of seawalls being installed all over Florida, we believe Truline Reinforced and Protected concrete walls are the best the



industry has to offer. Truline walls have a life expectancy of 75 plus years. Truline consists of an 8” U-shaped vinyl interlocking 16’ forms in which we pour full of concrete and the vinyl forms remain to protect the concrete from crystallization and decay brought on by salt water. It is the least disruptive seawall construction system and can be installed behind your existing house and in front of your existing failing wall. We will be happy to show you the Truline walls we’ve installed in the area, as well as the engineering specs and testing reports which say it all!”

So stop by and visit Moore Roofing or Moore Docks, Lifts and Seawalls. They’re at the corner of Front Street and Marco Lake Drive and Bald Eagle Drive. Get ideas on a new roof, or learn about the newest seawall technology available, lifts or docks. Wish Moore Docks a happy anniversary, and check out their new showroom!

One response to “First Anniversary for Moore Docks, Lifts and Seawalls”

  1. sam young says:

    Moore Docks are truly the best, I had my sea wall and dock done by Mooore Docks and the end result was done on time (very quickly BTW) with outstanding quality. Moore Docks exceeded our expectations without having to lose soil, planted trees and shrubs, a very unobtrusive alternative to the old ways. Tom has built a team of experts that get the job done with precision.

    My wife and I highly recommend them and are very willing to host a visit from others who are considering this new and better option of sea wall and dock construction.

    Sam Young

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