Monday, October 25, 2021

Fire Rescue Report



The following information is contained in the Marco Island Fire Rescue Department’s monthly report. The full report may be found on the city’s website,, as an attachment to the June 5 city council meeting agenda.

Seasonal Ambulance

The part time 12-hour seasonal ambulance (Medic-803) was removed from the island the end of April and is scheduled to return in December. During the month of April this unit responded to 89 emergency medical incidents.

Incident Volume and Emergency

Incident Overlap

The Marco Island Fire Rescue Department responded to 340 emergency incidents during the month of April 2017. During this month, the department experienced 97 overlapping emergency incidents, which represents a 15% increase over last year.

Significant Incidents April 25th, crews responded to the Marco Island YMCA for a cardiac arrest. The subject was revived and has left the hospital, expected to make a full recovery. April 29th, multiple crews assisted



GNFD and the Florida Forest Service with the 15th Street brush fire. Marco Island Fire Department had staff acting as County Area Command and fire line crews. May 13th, En-50 was deployed, as part of the Collier County Strike Team to North Port, for a brush fire that shut I-75 down. May 13th, D/C Batiato was deployed, as part of a multi-county strike team to Desoto County, for a secondary brush fire that threatened urban interface. May 16th, crews responded to a vehicle vs. tree at Mackle Park. Crews found major vehicle damage, however the occupants fled the scene prior to fire department arrival. May 22nd, crews responded to a broken sprinkler pipe at Mirage Condo. The break was cause by construction and caused significant water damage. For the reporting period, fire boat crews responded to four significant MERT incidents. These included one vessel taking on water, one missing subject, a stranded kayaker and a capsized boat.

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