Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Find the Perfect Life Jacket for Fishing

Photos by Capt. Pete Rapps

Photos by Capt. Pete Rapps


Capt. Pete Rapps

No matter what you might be doing out in the water, life jackets are a crucial part of boat safety. In fact, boating laws require that you have an approved life jacket for every passenger aboard and that children should have theirs on at all times. Fishing from kayaks and stand up paddle boards are very popular in our area also. Choosing the right life jacket for your safety and fishing needs can make for a great experience on the water.

Fishing Life Jacket Features

Low-bulk design: You should look out for life jackets that have flotation panels on both the front and back with a low-bulk design around the shoulders, neck, and sides. With a minimum amount of bulk and fabric around the top and sides, you will be able to move your arms more easily so you can cast your fishing rod without trouble.

Pockets and gear loops: Life jackets that are designed for fishing will usually have zip pockets and gear loops that can act like mini tackle boxes. Thanks to these features, you can keep your flies, pliers, and other fishing tools on hand during your fishing trip.

Inflatable: Using an inflatable life jacket can be a great way to keep the bulk at a minimum so you can fish in comfort. However, these jackets are only designed for adult use and are best used in calm waters rather than in fast-moving rivers or streams.

How to Fit a Life Jacket

When choosing a life jacket, having the one that fits properly is crucial. If they aren’t the proper size, these jackets cannot do what they need to. Adult sizes will range based on chest size, but youth life jackets will be based on weight. Make sure to check for the manufacturer specific sizing charts in order to find the right size for your needs.

In order to fasten and fit your life jacket correctly, you will need to begin by positioning it midway around your torso. You will then need to fasten the bottom buckles along the torso from the bottom up and then tighten in the same order.

To test the fit of your life jacket, try to place your thumbs under the shoulder straps and push up. If fitted properly, the life jacket should stay in place.

Now that you and everyone else have their life jackets, you can hop onto the boat and fully enjoy your day of fishing.

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