Monday, January 17, 2022

Fifth Grade Graduation Ceremony



Tommie Barfield Elementary School held its Fifth Grade graduation ceremony recently. Parents, friends and relatives filled the cafeteria which had been decorated for the event. The theme of the celebration was Stepping Into the Future with black and gold colors as chosen by the graduates. Several students, named below, were honored for their academic achievements. Shortly after receiving their Certificates of Completion, students and teachers in lower classes line the hallway with administrative staff. Fifth Grade teachers then walk their students through the halls of the school while everyone clapped. Children, parents and teachers filled this memorable rite of passage with cheers, tears and hugs.

Accelerated Reader

Presented by Mrs. Embree:

200 Points (Bronze Medal): Daniel Nguyen, Catherine Stogner, Brian Kocak, Justin Pham.

300 Points (Silver Medal): Jordan Vann, Danya Zarate.

Lifetime Achievement Award

1,000+ points at TBE (trophy): Justin Pham, Danya Zarate.

American Citizenship Awards: Francisco Roldan, Hailey Karp, Nicole Brotzman, Matthew English, Caitlin Carlson, Wendy Villarreal, Christopher Bryan, Emily Adame, Emily Hamilton, Francisco Mendez, Jillian Pipitone, Xhesi Tase, Charles McAllister.

“A” Honor Roll

Presenter Mrs. Hoffman

Madison Bonfitto, Jordan Vann

“AB” Honor Roll

Presenter Mrs. Hoffman

William Glasser, Brian Laurent, Francisco Roldan, Xhesi Tase, Matea Denisen, Bailey Sparks, Danya Zarate, Lisa Cottage-Ramnick, Alessio Luna, Patricia McKee, Winter Stoico, Stephanie Simon, Andrew Sprankle, Alicia Tower, Charles McAllister, Savannah Sampson, Logan Smith, John Martin, Kayhan Peksen, Diana Almazan, Susan Faremouth, Caitlin Carlson, Brian Kocak, Cassidy Carlson, Nicolas Verne, Antonio Andrade, Justin Pham, Joshua Sheldon, Olivia Watt, Daniel Nguyen, Santiago Ruiz, Stella Souza, Brianna Monroe, Tia Nielsen, LorryLyn Sullivan, Rose Sullivan, Sandy Vizcaya, Hailey Vaughn, Nicole Brotzman, Alyssa Labdon.

Perfect Attendance

Presented by Ms. Little

Daniel Nguyen, Xhesi Tase, Sandy Vizcaya.

President’s Award for Educational Achievement (Silver)

Presenter Mrs. Pena

Cody Webb, Priscilla Martinez-Briones, April Cantu, Gianna Rose, Susan Faremouth, Alyssa Labdon, Kayhan Peksen, Natalie Mendoza, Santiago Ruiz, Danya Zarate, Taylor Weis, Cesiah Sanchez, Luis Aguilera.

President’s Award for Educational Excellence (Gold)

(4 or 5 on FCAT Read & Math & 3.5 or higher GPA in 5th grade)

Antonio Andrade, Madison Bonfitto, Nicole Brotzman, Caitlin Carlson, Cassidy Carlson, Brian Kocak, Daniel Nguyen, Justin Pham, Jordan Vann, Hailey Vaughn, Nicolas Verne, Olivia Watt.

Sons of the American Revolution – Good Citizenship Award

Cesiah Sanchez, Francisco Roldan, Xhesi Tase, Olivia Watt.

Wall of Fame Awards

Presented by Mr. Laudise

Mathematics: Joshua Sheldon, Antonio Andrade, Caitlin Carlson, Daniel Nguyen.

Reading: Justin Pham, Brian Kocak, Stella Souza, Winter Stoico.

Language Arts: Lorrylynn Sullivan, Brianna Monroe, Nicolas Verne, Danya Zarate.

Science: Jordan Vann, Santiago Ruiz, Cassidy Carlson, Madison Bonfitto.

Social Studies: Olivia Watt, Xhesi Tase, Savannah Sampson, Hailey Vaughn.

Spelling: Susan Faremouth, Stephanie Simon, John Martin, April Cantu.


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