Monday, December 6, 2021

Ferringo Joins Skin Renewal



Skin Renewal Systems of Marco Island has welcomed naturopath and homeopath, Brad Ferringo to their wellness team. Brad has certifications in clinical nutrition, sports nutrition, detoxification, functional medicine, bioenergetics, homeopathy, lab and integrative medicine. His practice focuses primarily on holistic anti-aging to which he’s devised a variety of testing methods and individualized treatment plans including his “3-Steps to Slow Aging” system.

“Anti-aging isn’t about living forever or your lifespan,” said Brad. “It’s about what we call ‘healthspan,’ or in other words the quality of life. Not necessarily the length. The length is going to be what it is. But we want to have vitality and youth for as long as possible.”

Through a consultation and testing, including an oxidative stress and inflammation urinalysis, Brad claims that he is able to determine the rate at which you age. The first step of his “3-Steps to Slow Aging” includes ageometer™ testing which looks for the rate of cellular aging, pH balance and toxicity in the urine. The agoemeter™ test is done in one session and patients get their in-office lab results and recommendations in about an hour.

“The primary areas that this addresses is things you’ve heard a lot about: inflammation, oxidative stress, cellular health and toxicity,” said Brad. “Those are really the main legs of the chair that hold up anti-aging.”

After learning your ageometer™ score, Brad will devise a customizable and individualistic program, which is part of his “person centered care.” As an integrative naturopathic practitioner, Brad will also consult with other physicians, physician’s assistants and licensed doctors and nurses to determine the best and healthiest route for you. And if a patient wants more robust testing, there are other options available. Brad also offers the popular advanced hormone testing with stress and adrenal function, as well as a food sensitivity test.

Brad’s main goal with his practice is to provide patients with accurate and useful information regarding their health and overall wellbeing. Each patient comes in with a unique set of issues or problems and Brad stresses that there is no one-size-fits-all treatment.

“There’s a lot of complicated systems out there and expensive options,” said Brad Ferringo. “But it’s the basics that are really being missed and have the most value. My goal is to educate and empower people with something that’s practical, tangible, and actionable so they can keep their health and vitality as long as possible.”

For more information check out: or call 239-394-1083. Skin Renewal Systems of Marco Island is located at Heritage Square, 1000 N. Collier Blvd, Marco Island.

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