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‘Feel Happy’ Colors – 2010 Trends

Sandy Elliot

Sandy Elliot

What makes certain colors trendy?  Is there an omnipotent ‘Color Coordinator’ that makes the grand decision for all of the upcoming colors used in the fashions for the next season, next year’s car finishes or the upcoming bold fabric and accessories in the design industry?  The simple answer is ‘no’, but there is an entire industry, with annual forecasting sessions, that revolve around deciding what the up and coming color trends are for every design-related industry.  Taking cues from trade shows, social media, influential designers, established artists, urban street culture, and style trends, the color industry forecasts what color and patterns will soon be part of the international scene.

There are two schools of color thought for the coming year in the interior design industry. The first follows the popular social ‘Green Movement,’ and the second follows the ‘Strong and Sophisticated’ approach to color.  According to the Color Association of the United States, colors will be inspired by the style influences of Asian culture, new traditionalism and nature.  This year, the psychology of color will play a larger role in design, emphasizing groups of colors that will make us feel calm and restful or energetic and happy.

Within the ecological friendly ‘Green’ trend we will see the emergence of a more natural/ neutral palette. This will include creams, soft butter yellows, yellow hued greens and sepia browns.  Less pigment and less harsh chemicals will be required in the manufacturing process of these paints and fabrics.  Traditional Japanese designs have inspired the popular lifestyle trend for living a calm and natural life. This eco- palette will continue to be effective in residential and hospitality designs

Illustration of the 2010 color of the year, turquoise, on two velvet transitional chairs and flat low VOC Aura Benjamin Moore wall paint behind chairs.  Photo by Betsy Rist.

Illustration of the 2010 color of the year, turquoise, on two velvet transitional chairs and flat low VOC Aura Benjamin Moore wall paint behind chairs. Photo by Betsy Rist.

especially when applied to the private retreats like master suites and spas. 

Within the ‘Strong and Sophisticated’ approach, the colors of choice are often bold and saturated favoring combinations of deeper blues, rich yellows and greens, that have not been seen in the recent past.  We will see the use of a pale tone with a strong saturated color such as pink and indigo for a bold play on a traditional red and blue pairing.  The Color Association and the Pantone Company’s hot new color pick for 2010 is turquoise.  Paired with another industry favorite iron gray, as chosen by Women’s Wear Daily, turquoise is at the head of the pack to create a daring statement for the year.  Also coming into play are the combinations of yellow tones with warm neutrals such as khaki and warm gray, or yellows with true blue and minty greens. This uplifting robust color palette will be used to great advantage in hospitality design as well as in private residences.

The minimalist cool whites of the past will give way to warmer whites such as ivory, cream or even whites with a hint of pink. When looking at the metallics for the coming year we will see more use of rose gold, a softer approach to a traditional metal. 

With a new year there is much to anticipate. The colors we surround ourselves with often provide an escape to many, a promise of a new beginning, a little excitement.  And who couldn’t use a bit of fantasy these days?

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