Wednesday, December 1, 2021

FDOT Stormwater Study Receives Award for Enhancing Water Quality and Safety at Airports

The Florida Department of Transportation’s (FDOT) Statewide Airport Stormwater Study has received an environmental award from the Florida Airports Council (FAC) for its efforts to improve water quality and airport safety. Developed as a best management practice for stormwater runoff specific to airports, the study has been a multi-year effort to develop, build and test this new airport water management pond concept.

The project was managed by FDOT in partnership with the City of Naples Airport Authority, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the state’s water management districts, the University of Florida, and the Federal Aviation Administration.

FDOT Secretary Boxold said, “Thank you to the Florida Airports Council for recognizing this groundbreaking study that increases the safety and improves the water quality at the state’s airports.”

Lisa Waters, FAC President said, “I applaud FDOT on their efforts to improve our airport’s stormwater ponds. This study is a model to provide clean water and safe airports throughout the state.”

The pond for stormwater runoff was designed to handle not only airside, but also landside runoff and has been validated by measured performance. The new design provides the same water quality benefit as standard ponds that are between two and five times larger. It satisfies all federal and state water quality and quantity rules and does this while attracting 60% fewer birds and makes airports safer by decreasing bird/airplane encounters. The study findings support a new rule for airport water management that permits construction of runways, taxiways and aprons without ponds in most cases and speeds up the permit process.

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