Friday, January 28, 2022

Father’s Day and great fishing are amongst us!

Parker and Pete.

Parker and Pete.

Father’s day is a great time and a perfect occasion to schedule a day of fishing and grilling out with dad!

The latter half of June is here and the fish bite is on!  Daytime air temperatures are now hovering around 92 degrees each day, bringing the water temperatures up over 86 degrees.  Since the daily storms usually show up midday, you will need to get an early start so you can get a few productive hours of fishing in before they come.

The Trout bite right now is steady.  They are generally a little smaller than the winter Trout, but around in decent quantities.  You can catch some nice Redfish right now too.  Try a Gulp shrimp on the last half of the incoming tide around oyster bars.  Some nice Triple Tail are hanging around crab trap buoys, and will happily eat a live shrimp.  Permit



and Cobia are showing around offshore structure.  Bring some small silver dollar sized crabs with you to catch a Permit.  A Cobia will happily eat a nice live 6” mullet.  Mangrove Snapper are larger in size than most of the year and are hungry for a live shrimp. You can catch them around bridges, pilings, and  Mangrove roots.  Shark are all over the place and love Ladyfish, or any other cut bait….Just be sure to use a wire leader!  Huge Tarpon are here and you can catch them early in the morning and again in the evening on live Ladyfish, Thread Herring, and Mullet.  If you do not have live bait, try catfish tails or cut Ladyfish.

Spending time with dad is the key.  If you catch fish, that’s considered a bonus. If you catch fish you can eat, that’s an extra bonus!

If you are thinking

Photos by Capt. Pete Rapps

Photos by Capt. Pete Rapps

you need to get dad a gift, your company is generally the gift he wants. Otherwise, why not get him a fishing license, or a new fishing rod?  Maybe he would love a new favorite lure for his tackle box.  Book a fishing Charter.  How about a new grill, or just new grilling utensils?  How about some Captain Rapps Seasonings to cook your catch with?  Whatever it is, just spend some time fishing and laughing with Dad, and forget about anything negative that may have happened during the year.  Start a new year together and enjoy your time with him!  Dads aren’t here forever!

Capt Rapps offers expert guided, light tackle, near shore, and backwater fishing trips in the Everglades National Park out of Chokoloskee Island.  He is happy to accommodate anyone from novice to hardcore seasoned pro.  See online availability calendar, booking info, and his custom blended seasonings at

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