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Fashion colors translate to Interior Design

Lavender chair with deep purple rug for a local client. Photos by Lisa Smith

Lavender chair with deep purple rug for a local client. Photos by Lisa Smith



By Lisa Smith Wood

Color trends for home interiors come from a variety of sources and for years, the fashion runway has served as inspiration for interior design. Fortunately trend forecasters and designers for both fashion and home décor predict vibrant palettes that create appealing, versatile, interiors in a Florida home.

Fashion designers in New York, Paris, Milan, and London recently turned out collections for Fall 2011 featuring lush blues and purples often coupled with shades of neutral gray. Colors on the cool side of the spectrum lend themselves not only to pleasing wardrobe pieces for most people, but also for eye-catching home furniture and accessories.

Updating existing interiors doesn’t have to mean major changes or incurring great expense. A significant transformation is achieved by adding new accessories, says Stephanie Jones Purdy, an interior decorator with offices in Marco

Tadashi Fall ‘2011. Shutterstock photo

Tadashi Fall ‘2011. Shutterstock photo

Island and Chicago. “I ask my clients to pull photos from magazines of styles and colors they like,” she says. “It gives us a direction on which we can build.” She recommends that investment purchases be made primarily in neutral colors, leaving the door open to update with pillows, art, table lighting, and other decorative elements. “Pillows, throws, and slipcovers can even be seasonal, providing changes for summer and winter.”

Paint is another cost effective way to create or change the look of a room. If furniture is neutral, the color of the walls can set the mood for a room. One needn’t be impetuous when choosing paint colors. “Small pots of tester paints are great because you can try several on a wall before committing to one color. Paint large squares in an area where you can look at colors in

Paint - dramatic impact for minimal cost.

Paint – dramatic impact for minimal cost.

morning and evening to get the full effect in changing light.” Depending on the desired look, Stephanie is also a fan of specialty paints in muted metallics or custom finishes.

While colors like amethyst, cobalt, teal, and dove gray have commanded the catwalks for the last couple of seasons, Stephanie has used these colors in her work for years. “As contrasting colors, purple and green make a beautiful pairing. The combination can be subtle and muted or bold and bright.” Always taking direction from clients, she suggests unexpected options to give eye-catching effects to an environment. That’s where a splash of fresh color can make the difference between mundane and utterly captivating.

Popularity of this year’s purples, blues and grays open up a mélange of exquisite new options to enliven a wardrobe, a room, or an entire home. Email Stephanie Jones Purdy at with interior design questions.


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