Thursday, January 20, 2022

Farmer’s Market



There is a clear misconception that Farmers’ Markets should be merely fruit and vegetable stands.  This perspective is looking through a limited lens of commerce versus one of community, so let’s take a step back.  Here, in Marco Island, we cater to both the local and transient guest, and we are truly one family.  These once-a-week markets for five hours are really about social connection.  Yes, radishes and cucumbers used to take center stage, but they have happily made room for flavored honeys, fresh pastas, locally carved sustainable artifacts, wildlife photography and custom terrariums.  As diversity started to populate the white tents, so did the energy of the street scape.  What we have now is a return to the past where people walk, converse, laugh, taste, and become inspired, and we should be proud.  In our world of ever present technology and instant gratification, we need to hold onto the spaces that cater to the profound necessity of human connection through local people pooling their talents and sharing them with their community.  So, let’s not make this about parking and competition and instead, remember these weekly five hours are about branding our town as an outdoor classroom where everyone can share, learn, and work together to make something great.
Submitted by:
Allegra Parisi
Director of Urban Lifestyles and Trends
Five Point Communities
Aliso Viejo, CA
Local address:  1464 Collingswood Ave., Marco Island, FL

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